With many houses for sale in Camrose, it could be tempting to buy one at any time of the year. But that’s not the case. In fact, there are specific times of year when you should be looking to buy a new home. 

We take a look at the key factors and highlight which times are the best for you to purchase a home in Camrose. 


When To Buy A Home For Sale in Camrose 


You’re at The Right Financial & Life Stage

While it’s recommended that anyone buy a house, it’s best if you do so when you’re at the right stage of your life, meaning that you are financially capable of making the down payment, mortgage and living comfortably.

Take some time to review your current monthly expenses, and then factor in the additional costs of purchasing a new home to see where your budget nets out. If you know that you’re good to handle it, then the time might be right for you. 


The Right Time of Year 

Without question, the time of year and the season affects the prices of the real estate market. You’ll find that house prices peak in the hot season, especially in June and July, as that’s when people are most likely to sell and buy.

As for the busiest, that’s the springtime. Properties become available, prices go up and the competition increases. It’s the most challenging time to buy a home. 


House on money stack


However, in the fall and winter months (August to February) you’ll be able to find Camrose houses for sale that can fit into a lower price range. This is due to the fact that not many buyers want to buy a home in the New Year, so therefore, prices are at their lowest. With properties harder to sell, some sellers would likely accept a lower offer. 


Strike When Demand is Low

When prices are low and availability is high is the best time to buy. This is a buyer’s market and it should be the time for you to get home for an excellent price. 

Stay away when it’s a seller’s market. That means that prices are high and availability is low, so the competition will lead to a spike in house prices. 

It might be difficult to determine when this situation arises, so check yourself informed through the news and speak to Camrose realtors for more information. 


Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates

It is a good idea to take advantage of low rates as you’ll save money in the long run. You’ll be able save thousands of dollars in the payment of the house, compared to older times when people struggled through it. 

The currently low interest rates won’t always be so low and will fluctuate year by year. But when you notice that the rate is dipping, start your search for the property. It can make all the difference to your bank balance and lifestyle over the years. 


At Coldwell Banker Battle River Realty, we help your dreams become a reality. A home is more than just a location; it’s a place to build a future. We are devoted to finding a house that fits our clients’ lifestyle, future, and budget. Our highly qualified Camrose realtors are industry-leaders, utilizing the latest technology, marketplace insights and knowledge to provide a stunning selection of homes for sale in Camrose. We are the standard-bearers of innovation, expertise and support. Make your realty dreams come true today!

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